Hey there!

Hi! My name is Sonia. I am currently completing my B.A. in English and a minor in Professional Writing (Multimedia Communication) at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Throughout my entire life I was driven by expressing myself creatively through different mediums, whether it be traditional art drawings or digital media. Now, as a young adult, I have furthered these early passions into a career goal of working in the Digital Marketing field, hopefully with a focus on design and creative content production.

Name : Sonia Wanninger
Phone : +1 (805) 886-4193
Email : sonia.wanninger@gmail.com
LinkedIn : linkedin.com/in/sonia-wanninger/

Skills and Interests

Here are some of my skills related to marketing and content production as well as some general interests.

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    Over the last few years in college I have found my passion in Marketing. I'd like to work in a creative environment where I can partake in content production for marketing purposes.

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    Entry level knowledge of Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator.

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    High proficiency in PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and Outlook.

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    While my native language is German, I learnt English as a second language at a very young age and can communicate extremely well in both, verbally and written. Additionally, I am in the process of learning entry level French and hope to achieve some fluency by the end of this year.

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    With languages being my strong suit, I have always enjoyed expressing myself through writing. I started a blog in high school that I still use today.

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    Even though I am of German nationality and have spent most of my life there, I was born in Hong Kong and have lived in Singapore and now the United States. My international background has allowed me to experience many different cultures and appreciate diversity and connectivity. Not only do I enjoy traveling, but it has become somewhat of a necessity for me; ideally, I see myself moving around and living in many different cities as I grow older.

Employment & Experience

Listed here is my past employment and professional experience.

  • January 2017 - present

    Marketing Intern

    EOS Lounge

    I am in charge of marketing and promoting all weekly events that are put on and helping the owner with any special tasks he needs completed. I was put in charge of creating a promotions timeline for all events, indicating when social media posts will be done, invites sent out, and shows announced. A fellow intern and I were also in charge of marketing one show completely on our own, and I created an email blast using MailChimp and brainstormed for meet and greet events and other marketing tactics to attract a larger crowd.

  • April 2016 - present

    Student Personnel Assistant

    UCSB Dining Services

    As a Student Personnel Assistant I am in charge of hiring for all dining units on campus and assisting the dining director with any additional tasks. I also conduct one-on-one interviews and lead group orientations, as well as work daily with Microsoft Office.

  • April 2015 - October 2015

    Marketing/Public Relations Intern

    Arts for Humanity!

    I updated and supervised social media platforms, engaged in team work with other interns, and marketed the organization and its cause.

  • October 2015 - June 2016


    Nicoletti's Coffee Shop

    As a supervisor I was in charge of training and managing associates and new hires. I had to quickly problem solve any issues that arose and use effective communication skills when interacting with dissatisfied customers.


I completed most of my education in Frankfurt, Germany, and then moved to the U.S. to attend college here. In the future I wish to complete my Masters degree in Melbourne, Australia.

  • August 2005 - June 2013

    International School Frankfurt Rhein-Main (Germany)

    I received a bilingual IB Diploma with 33 points, as well as a high school diploma. I completed four IGCSE's certified with an A through Cambridge University in 2011.

  • June 2013 - June 2017

    University of California, Santa Barbara

    Pursuing a B.A. in English with a minor in Professional Writing for Multimedia Communication.


Here are some of my Writing samples I have completed over the last few years, mostly taken from upper division Writing courses taken at UC Santa Barbara.



Funding Letter

This is a funding letter I wrote for one of my Writing classes. It asks for a donation for my theoretical organization "Paws for Students", and appeals to a benefactor in Santa Barbara through supplying a calculated claim as to why we need these donations.



Longform journalist story

This story is the product of a group project in my Multimedia Writing class. We chose to report on family life in Isla Vista, a town that is predominantly populated by college students and notorious for its parties. We interviewed two families living among these students in Isla Vista, and reported their responses in this longform multimedia story.



Feature Article

This feature article was written for my journalism class. I interviewed several people for this assignment, including a telephone interview with a member of the student counseling staff at Santa Barbara City College.



Inverted Pyramid Article

This was also an assignment for my Journalism class, where we learned the structure of a successful Inverted Pyramid article and proceeded to do careful research and write our own.



Professional Memo

In this memo, completed for my Writing for Public Speaking course, I write a follow-up email to inform someone about my theoretical company.



Marketing Brochure

As part of a project where I invented and presented my own venture idea to the class, I created this brochure to market the cause of my theoretical company.


Please feel free to contact me if you think I would be a great fit for a job or project, if you want to exchange creative ideas, or just to say hi!